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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sheepshead Bay - 1 Brooklyn Bay - 4 bedroom condo is $3.7 million

You read that right. $3.7 million for a condo in Sheepshead Bay

PH30B432,502640S / E / N$2,216$494$3,700,000

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rybak will build a 22 story tower right next to Asser Levy Park!

Real Deal Excerpts -

Rybak buys Chaim Miller’s Brighton Beach site, plans 22-story tower

Sergey Rybak picked up a troubled Brighton Beach development site once owned by Chaim Miller and plans to build a 22-story apartment building.

Rybak TRData LogoTINY closed on the purchase of 271 Sea Breeze Avenue on June 7 for $13.5 million, six months after buying the defaulted debt on the development site. GFI Realty’s Erik Yankelovich and Yosef Katz brokered the January deal.

“As the marketplace becomes more competitive it is important to fight for the right location!” Rybak said in a statement.

The planned tower will include 114 apartments, 32,000 square feet of community space and 200 parking spots.

In January 2016, Rybak filed plans for a $77 million condo project on the site of the former El Greco Diner in nearby Sheepshead Bay. It’s the priciest condo offering to ever hit the neighborhood, which developers are increasingly targeting due to relatively inexpensive land prices.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2 more Condos on Ocean Ave!!!!

Real Deal excerpt -

Plans filed for 105-unit, mixed-use building in Sheepshead Bay

The building at 2450 Ocean Ave. would feature a fitness center and a pool

The development march continues in Sheepshead Bay.

Brooklyn developer Yaacov Azrad filed plans with the city’s Department of Buildings on Friday for a mixed-use project with 105 residential units at 2450 Ocean Avenue.

The 80,906-square-foot project would be seven stories tall and include a pool, a fitness center and a medical facility in addition to the residential units. Community space would take up 1,856 square feet of the building, while the remaining 79,051 square feet would be residential space. The top floor will have nine residential units, and floors two through six will have between 18 and 20 units apiece.

An LLC managed by Azrad’s partner Eddie Yair purchased the land in February for $10.1 million.

NY Yimby excerpt -

An anonymous -based LLC has filed applications for an eight-story, 28-unit  building at , located on the corner of Ocean Avenue in . The project will encompass 46,350 square feet and rise 80 feet to its rooftop.
It will feature 28 units across the second through eighth floors. The apartments should average 1,183 square feet apiece, indicative of condominiums. There will also be medical offices located in the cellar and a 29-car parking garage on the ground floor.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Feltman's of Coney Island Returns!

Brooklyn Paper excerpt -

Feltman’s of Coney Island has returned to the People’s Playground, where the restaurant’s founder invented the hot dog 150 years ago. Hot dog aficionados trekked from across the borough and the city to sink their teeth into a frank from Feltman’s of Coney Island at the Surf Avenue restaurant’s grand opening on May 29. And it easily beat Nathan’s Famous for flavor, said one Feltman’s fan.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Sheepshead Bay Waterfront Restuarants

Eater NY excerpt - 

Waterfront Restaurants in NYC to Feel Like You're Outside the City

As if that weren’t enough, there’s another lobster pound in nearby Sheepshead Bay, but so obscurely located you better keep your GPS firmly in hand. Jordan’s Lobster Dock is on Shellbank Creek, where the city’s last remaining lobster boats are berthed. The restaurant has turned toward fried fast food in the last decade, but still has a lighthouse attached and stands next to a statue in a yellow slicker commemorating lobstermen (and perhaps today, lobsterwomen). In addition to lobster rolls, it’s a good place for raw clams and oysters. 3165 Harkness Avenue

Even more amazing, and only a couple of blocks away, nestled right at a turn on the Belt Parkway, stands Clemente’s Maryland Crab House. It, too, has a waterside wooden deck with a view of pleasure boats at their moorings. The thing to get is a bucket of fresh blue crabs steamed in Old Bay. Along with it comes a wooden mallet and plastic bib. The waitresses — dressed in hot pants — will be glad to show you how to get at the crabmeat. But skip the truly awful cocktails, which come in neon colors.3939 Emmons Avenue

On Sheepshead Bay proper, a few blocks from Maryland Crab House, find a number of restaurants evoking the seafood cuisines of other countries, and decorated to match. You can’t go wrong at Liman (2710 Emmons Avenue) — a Turkish restaurant right on the water — with a roasted sea bass or mess of fried fresh anchovies, best eaten on the screened-in porch. Seven blocks further west find Yiasou an elegant Greek seafood spot where a whole flame-roasted flounder, enough for two or three people and likely locally caught, will set you back $30. And don’t miss the fried mullets or grilled octopus, either. 2003 Emmons Avenue

If your interest in seafood is more Italian, old timer Randazzo’s Clam Bar dates to 1964, when Sheepshead Bay offered a dozen such establishments. Order anything with clams, including fried clams, baked stuffed clams, spaghetti with white or red clam sauce, and, of course, New England or Manhattan clam chowder. Most Sicilian of all are the zuppas, which can be eaten in traditional style with ship’s biscuits. Look for the neon lobster thrust skyward. 2710 Emmons Avenue

Coming soon to Emmons Ave!