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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Welcome to Coney, NY Cosmos!

Pix11 excerpt -

It won’t just be the Cosmos coming to Brooklyn; the team will bring more foot traffic to local businesses and jobs.

“It’s more than just about soccer and about fans and about people coming to Coney Island, which is great, it’s about economic development,” said Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Andrew Hoan.

Bringing the Cosmos to Coney Island will call for an increase of jobs, such as concessions and in the stands. Local businesses will also benefit with the crowds coming to see the Cosmos.

“The restaurants and the different places in Coney Island are going to be seeing visitors,” said Hoan.
Hoan says hundreds of jobs will be available to Coney Island residents to help with the boost in tourism.

The Cosmos will have their first home game on April 1 against Miami FC.

Fans can score tickets by calling 855-712-6766.

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