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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Tent over Trump Village Shopping Center this winter

Bay News excerpt-

Utility company National Grid, under state oversight, plans to excavate enough toxic dirt to fill up two Olympic-sized swimming pools from the lot near the corner of Neptune Avenue and W. Fifth Street before developers can build a new retail center and 41-story tower there.

A gas-manufacturing plant occupied the site at the turn of the 20th century, leaving the land laden with coal tar, cyanide, and a host of nasty stuff.

Officials plan to start excavation in January, when frigid air keeps foul smells at bay and most people don’t leave their windows open, but even with the cold air and the tent, neighbors may smell something funky once work begins, Cross said. A little stank is par for the course, but dangerous levels of airborne toxicants would make the nabe smell so bad that it would be impossible to miss them and not sound the alarm before someone gets hurt, he said.

“The thing to remember is it stinks to high heaven. It smells really bad, so it’s hard to get exposed to a dangerous level,” Cross said.

Plus there will be inspectors on site whose sole job is to keep their noses to the ground and stop work if things get dangerous, he said.

Cross is encouraging locals to drop a dime if the reek gets out of hand.

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