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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cosmos in Coney

Fifty Five One Excerpt -

Additionally, a source confirms that there are serious negotiations in progress for a move to MCU stadium for 2017.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Neptune/Sixth - 4 Phases of Development

From Neptune/Sixth Website -

Phase 1
626 Sheepshead Bay Road
161,000 SF of Retail/Office/Medical/Parking
Phase 2
Neptune Avenue at West 5th Street
70,000 SF of Retail with Rooftop Parking
Phase 3
Neptune Avenue at West 6th Street
95,000 SF of Retail/Community Facility/Parking
Phase 4
Neptune Avenue at West 6th Street
575 Residential Units with Parking Garage

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Aquarium update

From the Aquarium picture blog -

The installation of the precast concrete panels is almost complete on the Ocean Wonders: Sharks! exterior. The next major milestone will be the installation of the steel framework that will eventually hold the building’s Shimmer Wall a beautiful piece of kinetic artwork which will span 1,100 feet and wrap the outside of the building with 30,000 movable aluminum tiles.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Big Tent over Trump Village Shopping Center this winter

Bay News excerpt-

Utility company National Grid, under state oversight, plans to excavate enough toxic dirt to fill up two Olympic-sized swimming pools from the lot near the corner of Neptune Avenue and W. Fifth Street before developers can build a new retail center and 41-story tower there.

A gas-manufacturing plant occupied the site at the turn of the 20th century, leaving the land laden with coal tar, cyanide, and a host of nasty stuff.

Officials plan to start excavation in January, when frigid air keeps foul smells at bay and most people don’t leave their windows open, but even with the cold air and the tent, neighbors may smell something funky once work begins, Cross said. A little stank is par for the course, but dangerous levels of airborne toxicants would make the nabe smell so bad that it would be impossible to miss them and not sound the alarm before someone gets hurt, he said.

“The thing to remember is it stinks to high heaven. It smells really bad, so it’s hard to get exposed to a dangerous level,” Cross said.

Plus there will be inspectors on site whose sole job is to keep their noses to the ground and stop work if things get dangerous, he said.

Cross is encouraging locals to drop a dime if the reek gets out of hand.

Crains - iStar invests in Coney

Excerpt -

Those plans are likely to include Concern for Independent Living and Georgica Green Ventures. The companies hope to eventually build as many as 400 affordable, supportive and market-rate apartments on the same block between Surf Avenue and the Boardwalk, and West 20th and West 21st streets. The block could end up with six additional buildings on parcels all owned—for now—by iStar.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Amphitheater - Childs Restaurant Building

NY1 excerpt -

Work also has begun inside to create a restaurant and event space. The 19 foot arched windows look out onto the amusement district. The bar is 92 feet long and features 64 taps for beer. When completed, the restaurant will hold about 450 people for seated events. A new name for the restaurant and its menu is still being decided but event-planning is coming along.

"We'll start with gospel brunch programs on the weekend with live music with special menus to suit that audience. We see comedy nights to be able to be done here on Saturday night comedy," Stone said.

There's also the rooftop lounge overlooking the beach and boardwalk which opened late last season that will be back as well as a new musical lineup.

The restaurant is expected to open about the same time concert season gets underway, late spring next year.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sheepshead - 3 blocks from the train

NY Yimby excerpt - 

Seven-Story, 16-Unit Mixed-Use Building Filed At 2735 East 13th Street, Sheepshead Bay

Property owner Eddie Yair, doing business as an anonymous Brooklyn-based LLC, has filed applications for a seven-story, 16-unit mixed-use building at 2735 East 13th Street, located on the corner of Shore Parkway in southern Sheepshead Bay. The project will measure 22,016 square feet. It will include 7,511 square feet of community facility space on the second and third floors, followed by residential units, averaging 807 square feet apiece, on the floors above. The apartments will likely be rentals. Eran A. Birnbaum’s Brooklyn-based architecture firm is the architect of record.

Shell Road near Neptune

Looks like Rybak has its sights on another property

NY Yimby Excerpt -

An anonymous Brooklyn-based LLC has filed applications for a seven-story, 13,827-square-foot mixed-use commercial building at 2916 Shell Road, on Coney Island. There will be 8,919 square feet of commercial-warehouse space across the ground through fifth floors, followed by 2,350 square feet of medical offices on the sixth and seventh floors. Yevgeniy Rybak’s Brooklyn-based Rybak Architects is the architect of record.

Commercial Observer - Neptune/Sixth


CVS to Reopen at Base of What Will Become Coney Island’s Tallest Tower

Rejoice, Coney Island residents! Your local CVS/pharmacy will return.

CVS has signed a new 11,300-square-foot lease at 532 Neptune Avenue—a planned 42-story residential building and retail structure that will replace Trump Village Shopping Center, which currently houses the drugstore.
The pharmacy will occupy a portion of the retail section of the planned 576-unit building between West 5th and West 6th Streets, which will be Coney Island’s tallest tower at 430 feet, landlord Cammeby’s International announced Wednesday.