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Friday, July 1, 2016

Marty got the credit he so rightfully deserves

Crains excerpt -

Then, at the ceremony later that morning, Markowitz found himself singled out by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who praised Markowitz first in his remarks:

"Now, we always invoke the phrase, 'Success has many mothers and fathers.' ... But in this case I want to call out a father in particular because there was a visionary born in Brooklyn years ago. And if you watched him in his time as borough president, you know, you sometimes were tempted to say, ‘Is that idea actually ever going to happen?’ ... But there is a place in this world for sheer force of will, and for vision, and for love of your borough, and your people. So, my dear friends, let’s thank Marty Markowitz...

"Marty, you kept coming back year after year with those wonderful concerts. And you wanted something even more. So, I hope today you’re feeling an incredible satisfaction that your dream came true. Congratulations."

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