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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brooklyn Daily - Sheepshead Bay rising: Tide of development washing over nabe

Excerpts -

Development is anything but sheepish in Sheepshead Bay.

The once-quaint marina town is shaping up to be the borough’s next development hot-spot, real estate watchers say. A 28-story condo is going up on Voorhies Avenue, and that’s just the bellwether for a building boom that could leave the old fishing village looking more like Downtown.

And don’t expect the boom to slow any time soon, one real estate pro said.

“There’s a lot of development in Sheepshead Bay,” said Nancy Pecoraro, a broker with Fillmore Real Estate. “Definitely more in recent years — tearing down old buildings. It’s definitely more of a city feel with all of the condominiums going up. And definitely a big change to the waterfront — Sheepshead Bay itself — and Brighton Beach.”

Developers submitted plans for 18 new offices or multi-family apartment buildings since March 7, 2015, according to city records. They applied for 17 such permits last year and just 13 in the same period the year before that.

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