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Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Amphitheater, New Aquarium, New Shopping Mall/Tower and then New Casino Hotel?

Really wondering what Thor has in mind with the purchasing of the land adjacent to Hotel zoned land on Surf Ave. We all know the Amphitheater comes in summer 2016 and the new Aquarium in summer 2017. After that comes the new shopping mall/ tower that Schron is building. 

Is Thor really going to try for a Casino Hotel in 2021? The upstate casino licenses were awarded in 2014 and the legislation calls for a 7 year moratorium after that until NYC casinos can be considered. There is significant opposition in Brooklyn to casinos. I don't know if Thor can accomplish it, and I don't know if Coney can support a 30 story hotel development without a casino. Maybe a Comfort Inn or Hampton Inn. But a huge hotel likely needs a casino. I wonder what Joe Sitt has in mind to purchase this land a good 6+ years after rezoning was done? Perplexing issue. I seriously doubt that this type of deal would have been done without a rock solid plan............

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