The New Coney Island - Brooklyn's Times Square by the Sea

Saturday, September 5, 2015

NY1 video - Coney Wahlburgers will be open year round

Excerpts - 

Singer says the restaurant is gearing up just as the summer season is winding down, because it took a whole year to secure permits and finish construction. He wants the roofdeck to become a year-round destination, though. He showed us the plans for a glass enclosure covering most of the dining area. 

"It will have a completely glass roof, with glass bi-fold doors so in the summer you can open the doors and it's as if you're sitting outside. In the winter, we close all the doors. We have heat," Singer says.

There's a planned Times Square site on Eighth Avenue between 45th and 46th Streets. In Coney Island, Wahlburgers joins a growing list of national eateries—but the locals don't seem worried the neighborhood's character is in jeopardy.

"Before, other than Nathan's---that was it. Now, we got Wahlburgers. It's a great addition to us. It brings more people," says business owner Yaniv Haddad.

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