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Friday, September 25, 2015

Eddie in the Bay News

What a terrific choice for Coney Island!

Excerpt -

Community Board 13 finally has a new district manager.

More than eight months after the last district manager resigned, a selection committee for the board that represents Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Gravesend, and Seagate has hired Eddie Mark, a former CB13 chairman, to fill the position.

Mark, a sign maker by trade who has lived in Coney Island for more than two decades, said he could hardly contain his excitement about the appointment, because he has big plans to modernize the board and its image.

“I definitely want to get us out there on social media and on the board’s website,” said Mark. “It’s a changing environment. We want to get more young people involved, and people from different ethnic backgrounds. These are our future leaders.”

Mark served as chairman for a pair of two-year terms between 2010 and 2014, and said he feels like he is volunteering in various community events “seven days a week.” But he thinks he will be able to get more done through his new position — because now he is actually getting paid to do what he is passionate about.

“As a district manager, I have more connections with city agencies and local groups,” Mark said. “I had that access as chairperson, but I was a volunteer. I had to go to work all day and then work on that. Now, being in a position where I can get paid to help this community, that’s a great advantage for me.”

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