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Monday, March 9, 2015

Beautiful New Condo Complex for Manhattan Beach!

Excerpt from NYYimby -

104 West End Avenue, image by Zproekt

Most of Manhattan Beach is zoned only for single-family homes – which wealthy southern Brooklyners have taken to tearing down to replace with mega-homes, not unlike those in Gravesend and parts of Midwood – but on the far western edge of the neighborhood, on West End Avenue near Brighton Beach, there are parcels still zoned for mid-rise development.

One developer found a large piece of land at 104 West End Avenue, at the corner with Oceanview Avenue, and plans to erect a fairly large, six-story condo building on the site.

YIMBY’s got a rendering of the project, whose sometimes curvy fa├žade combines masonry with floor-to-ceiling windows with protruding balconies.

“The design of the building reflects the ocean character [of] the surrounding environment,” writes Sheepshead Bay-based architect Zproekt, “while projecting the area into the future.” They’ve also taken into account the potential for flooding, with the at-grade commercial spaces protected against damage and the residential uses higher up, safe from rising waters.

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