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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Update on Shorecrest Towers - 2 relaunched Trump Village Towers

These are the 2 already relaunched Trump Village Towers that are preceding the 40 story Tower to be built next year. Both are rentals. Here are are the updated prices with a link to offers and pics

Studio - $1,500,  1 Bed- $1,650,  1 Bed - $1,895, 2 Bed - $2322, 3 Bed - $2,831

Expecting the 40 Story Tower to easily breakthrough $3,000 a month rent as the yuppies and hipsters have targeted Coney Island and Sheepshead Bay and the developers know this. One of the reasons is the upcoming Coney Amphitheater and resurgence of Coney as Times Square by the Sea. But the biggest reason is the hipsters are getting priced out of  North Brooklyn as those rentals compete with Manhattan levels.

The Village Voice had an interesting quote from a Brooklyn hipster recently -

After Annabelle Cazel, a classically trained pianist turned art-rock musician, returned to the States six years ago to tour with the Fiery Furnaces, rising prices drove her out of her Soho studio to four different rehearsal spaces in Williamsburg and one in Bushwick before she landed in Gowanus.

"Who knows when the rents will go up there?" she asks. "Most of my musician friends have moved several stops on the L train or further on the G train or way south, to Ditmas Park, Sheepshead Bay, Windsor Terrace, or Flatbush. Gowanus is done with."

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