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Friday, January 2, 2015

Totally disagree with Zigun's opinion on Coney gentrification

Here is his comment -

“Gentrification is bad when there’s something in your community that you’re fond of that gets forced out because rents go up and something bland comes in. I would argue that what’s happening in Coney Island is more rides, more restoration, bringing back areas like Surf Avenue from an illegal furniture district to a late night eating and drinking strip. There’s good things going on in Coney Island and I’m exited  (sic) about that..”

Bland??? According to who? Zigun? Are Times Square chains bland according to him? Also, Surf Avenue is not just going to be a late night eating and drinking strip. It is zoned for hotels, retail, restaurants and residential. 

People tend to define "good" and "bad" development by their own personal tastes, when it is really just an opinion.  An opinion that is very easy to disagree with.  Development attracts development.

Go New Coney! Brooklyn's Times Square by the Sea!

PS - The article goes on to say - "Three years ago his team put a lighting system with LED lights covering Parachute Jump’s entire tower."  That is incorrect. The Parachute Jump lighting was done by Zamperla not Zigun's CI USA.

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