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Monday, January 5, 2015

Times Square competition reports keep rolling in

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“We were extremely pleased with the number of people that turned out. It was a family friendly environment,” added Adams. “I believe it has great potential and we want to make Coney a year-round destination and this was one way of doing that. We had little or no incidents at all. Everyone got along great.”

Dick Zigun, the founder and artistic director of Coney Island USA was also proud to see the plans come to fruition. “New Year’s Eve in Coney Island was a big success. It was first time trying to launch a major annual mass celebration,” he said, stating an estimated 5,000 people turned out. “The never-before-used Steeplechase Plaza had the right feel, the right capacity and placement right under the National Landmark Parachute Jump, plus a fire spitter, freaks and fireworks fulfilled the right big event programming.

Although Time Square received national attention, Brooklyn has quickly become a popular alternative, according to Treyger. “It’s an example that they don’t need only the Manhattan skyline to validate or celebrate great New York events,” he stressed. “There are other options.”

After a first successful event, the future looks bright for Coney’s end-of-year celebration. “Moving forward, we will have more time to plan. There will be a lot more planning with organizations to plan out a day’s worth of activities and make it even bigger,” Treyger said. “The Parachute Jump is like the Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower. It was a special evening.”

“It was a huge success for the concept to be improved on next year and for decades to come,” added Zigun.

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