The New Coney Island - Brooklyn's Times Square by the Sea

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Across the street from Trump Shopping Center

Jewish Voice excerpt -

One of the merchants to be effected told The Daily News, “They’re trying not to hurt anybody.” “They’re offering people money to buy them out” of current leases.

The Royal Palms spa, approximately a block from the Neptune shopping center, has been promised by Cammeby representatives, to be the relocation site for the businesses that are pushed out of the strip mall.

A spokeswoman gave confirmation of the company’s plans to set up the once bathhouse to accommodate the stores and satisfy their patrons who rely on them.

In a statement, spokeswoman Christa Segalini said, “The building is just one block from the existing shopping center and will enable tenants to continue to meet the needs of the neighborhood’s residents.”

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