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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trump going upscale

This will likely be a big first step towards bringing big retail and residential to Coney Island, but I reiterate only a first step. Because this type of development has to come to Surf Avenue as well, across from the ballpark. Hopefully Trump Shopping's new development is the trigger to get this going.

Bay News excerpt -

The plans for the redevelopment of Trump Village Shopping Center are finally becoming clearer, but residents still don’t like the picture.

A source close to the developer said plans for the site — which have still not yet been filed with the city — envision a new, “upscale” shopping center on the ground floor of the proposed 40-story residential tower, and residents are worried the change will strip the strip mall of establishments they rely on, such doctors’ offices and pharmacies. 

The source said plans for the new shopping center do include at least one pharmacy and doctor’s office, along with a mix of retailers and restaurants.

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