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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tradition has a new home in Brooklyn

Metro NY excerpt -

Yormark and his staff have built campaigns centered around the slogans "Tradition Has A New Home" and "Brooklyn Scores." The thought process behind the approach is to attract the current fanbase on Long Island to experience Brooklyn while creating interest in the team in the borough.

"We have a neat marketing situation that's going on," Yormark said. "You have to be true to the hardcore fan, the one that's been there since Day 1, if you will, on Long Island. But at the same time you have to balance that with the fact we have to create a whole new fanbase here in Brooklyn. How we communicate to those fanbases certainly will define our success."

To create interest in the team and to introduce Long Island and Brooklyn fans to the Barclays hockey experience, the Islanders have played preseason games there in 2013 and 2014. Yormark noted that a staffed sales office has been built in Brooklyn, and he and his staff have spoken with Islanders fans at Nassau Coliseum.

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