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Sunday, November 30, 2014

NY Post - Islanders moving to Brooklyn just when they’re getting good again

Excerpt -

But the Islanders’ obsession with collecting picks — part scheme, part plan — has yielded a passel of homegrown talent that should endure long after the self-destructive effort to transform the Coliseum into a Lighthouse recedes from memory.

The guts of this team and the ones to follow were constructed through canny use of the 14 first- and second-round picks amassed by Snow from 2006-11. Kyle Okposo, seventh overall in 2006; Josh Bailey, ninth overall and Hamonic 53rd overall in 2008; Tavares, first overall, and Calvin de Haan, 12th overall in 2009; Brock Nelson, 30th overall in 2010; Ryan Strome, fifth overall in 2011.

This doesn’t mean the fifth parade is right around the corner. It doesn’t. But there is reason to dream and there is reason for hope. The Islanders are a hockey team, an honest-to-goodness, credible hockey operation. Time has been wasted. But the time has come today.

For just when the Islanders are saying goodbye to Long Island, it is time to say hello again to the Islanders, who, for years and years and years, have been missed.

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