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Sunday, November 30, 2014

DNAinfo - Bed-Stuy Leads Brooklyn Real Estate Market in Sales Growth

Excerpt -

Commercial real estate is booming in Bed-Stuy, according to a new report from mortgage intelligence agency Actovia.

Bedford-Stuyvesant tops the list of Brooklyn’s most active neighborhoods, with the greatest growth in commercial property sales and the most significant uptick in financing this year.

From November 2013 through October 2014, financing for properties in northern Bed-Stuy (zip code 11206) jumped nearly 500 percent, with 58 properties financed in the first quarter compared to 340 in the fourth.

In the neighborhood’s 11221 zip code, extending from Tompkins Avenue to Wilson Avenue, 66 property-financing deals were made at the beginning of the year, compared to 384 from August to October.

Jonathan Ingber, Actovia’s founder, attributes increased interest in Bed-Stuy to rising costs in Manhattan.

“There is no question that Manhattan is priced out,” Ingber said, adding that people began scouting other boroughs in mid-2013 to find areas that offer the same sort of “luxury.”

“As people started developing in downtown Brooklyn, prices became pretty outrageous there too, so they looked at some centers that would be the next up-and-coming jewel,” he said.

NY Post - Islanders moving to Brooklyn just when they’re getting good again

Excerpt -

But the Islanders’ obsession with collecting picks — part scheme, part plan — has yielded a passel of homegrown talent that should endure long after the self-destructive effort to transform the Coliseum into a Lighthouse recedes from memory.

The guts of this team and the ones to follow were constructed through canny use of the 14 first- and second-round picks amassed by Snow from 2006-11. Kyle Okposo, seventh overall in 2006; Josh Bailey, ninth overall and Hamonic 53rd overall in 2008; Tavares, first overall, and Calvin de Haan, 12th overall in 2009; Brock Nelson, 30th overall in 2010; Ryan Strome, fifth overall in 2011.

This doesn’t mean the fifth parade is right around the corner. It doesn’t. But there is reason to dream and there is reason for hope. The Islanders are a hockey team, an honest-to-goodness, credible hockey operation. Time has been wasted. But the time has come today.

For just when the Islanders are saying goodbye to Long Island, it is time to say hello again to the Islanders, who, for years and years and years, have been missed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Red Mango and Chipotle coming to Kings Highway

Fantastic moves in Midwood. They are joining the recently opened Starbucks as new additions to King Highway. Great News!

Sheepshead Bites has the details on both

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Starbucks has opened in Caesar's Bay Shopping Center

Right near the new Vitamin Shoppe and next door to the soon to be opened Five Guys Burgers. That new BJ's Brooklyn store is really spurring more action at Caesar's Bay.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

CNBC - "Brooklyn is the center of the universe"

Excerpt -

Brooklyn has been hot for decades, but now it is pricier than ever—so much so that it is no longer considered New York City's second-choice borough.

"People used to move to Brooklyn because they were priced out of Manhattan," said Tamara Abir, a real estate agent with Halstead Brooklyn, LLC. "Now Brooklyn is the center of the universe. It's people's first choice. It's real life, and that's what people are drawn to."

Real life at a hefty price. The median price of a Brooklyn home sold in the third quarter of this year came in at $587,515, up just over 2 percent from the previous quarter and up 4 percent from a year ago, according to Jonathan Miller of Miller Samuels, and New York City appraisal firm. The borough's home values have increased for eight consecutive quarters, setting a new record for the fifth time in the past six quarters.

People are going to the upper West Side [of Manhattan] because they're priced out of Brooklyn," Abir added. 

Update on Full Scale Brewery coming to Coney

In January the Bay News ran this story

Now Amusing the Zillion says they may be coming to MCU Park!

Remember, Sam Adams - a multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporation, owns Coney Island Brewing Company. This is so great for Coney!

Update on Trump Shopping Center Tower

Bay News excerpt -

The plans for the tower include replacing the current shopping strip with a residential building that has “up-scale” shops and restaurants on the ground floor. The owner’s representatives told attendees that some of the complex’s current essential shops and offices — like the post office — will be relocated to a vacant building that is adjacent to the center. 

The representatives also said that the tower would have ample parking for residents and include as many spaces as units in addition to a dedicated lot specifically for shop patrons.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oceanview Ave - Brighton Beach

NY Yimby excerpt -

The days of the bungalows and wood-frame houses of Brighton Beach, in the blocks above the elevated line near the end of Brooklyn, are numbered. The neighborhood has the distinction of being one of only a handful of areas in New York City where the Department of City Planning still allows wholesale redevelopment of single-family homes, and as New York’s recovery takes hold in the outer reaches of the outer boroughs, builders are returning to Brighton Beach.

Over the weekend, a permit application was filed for a new five-story apartment building at 424 Oceanview Avenue, typical of new construction happening throughout Brighton Beach. The developer is combining two lots, with demolition permits filed last month for the two old wood-fame houses. (The filing is the second attempt at a building on the site, with a similar but slightly different permit application filed in 2010.)

The new building’s 16 units will be spread over 12,000 square feet of residential space, for an average apartment size of 750 square feet. The project will triple or quadruple the density of the old structures, bringing new supply to one of New York City’s most affordable growing neighborhoods. Even modest apartments in Brighton Beach are often built as condos, with new construction from the last cycle now generally selling in the $400s per square foot.

But despite the area’s production of a very rare commodity in New York – reasonably priced new market-rate housing – there were certain factions that were not pleased with the growth. In 2009, the Department of City Planning and the local community board – led, apparently, by some of the area’s dwindling population of American-born residents – initiated a process to rezone the neighborhood to restrict redevelopment of the bungalows and wood-frame houses.

Luckily, in a rare example of pro-growth immigrants successfully fending off a land use challenge from anti-development old timers, the Russian business community got the community board and Department of City Planning to back down on the rezoning. The blanket R6 designation remains today, allowing for fairly generous tenement-scale density, without height limits to constrain those who want to build thinner towers.

Albee Square

NY Yimby excerpt -

In June, YIMBY brought you news of a permit filing for a 28-story tower at 436 Albee Square in downtown Brooklyn, designed by increasingly prolific ODA Architecture. Now, we have obtained a rendering of the project, which is planned to sit on a mid-block site on Gold Street, across from the rising City Point project.

Boxy protrusions – Eran Chen’s favorite edgy design flourish, evident at 22-22 Jackson Avenue and recently revealed 134 Vanderbilt Avenue, among others – are absent from 436 Albee Square. The tower is instead marked by a glassy fa├žade indented asymmetrically by balconies, giving it the look of a boxy, pixelated version of Jeanne Gang’s Aqua tower in Chicago.

The building is planned to have 150 apartments spread across nearly 120,000 square feet of residential space, for a modest average apartment size of 800 square feet, suggesting rentals.

The tower will also include three stories and 24,000 square feet of retail at its base – a substantial amount of space, but a drop in the bucket compared to the 700,000 square feet under construction at the City Point mega-development.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tradition has a new home in Brooklyn

Metro NY excerpt -

Yormark and his staff have built campaigns centered around the slogans "Tradition Has A New Home" and "Brooklyn Scores." The thought process behind the approach is to attract the current fanbase on Long Island to experience Brooklyn while creating interest in the team in the borough.

"We have a neat marketing situation that's going on," Yormark said. "You have to be true to the hardcore fan, the one that's been there since Day 1, if you will, on Long Island. But at the same time you have to balance that with the fact we have to create a whole new fanbase here in Brooklyn. How we communicate to those fanbases certainly will define our success."

To create interest in the team and to introduce Long Island and Brooklyn fans to the Barclays hockey experience, the Islanders have played preseason games there in 2013 and 2014. Yormark noted that a staffed sales office has been built in Brooklyn, and he and his staff have spoken with Islanders fans at Nassau Coliseum.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ABA Basketball Debuts in Brooklyn Tonight

Brooklyn SkyRockets vs Steel City Yellow Jackets

Aviator Sports Center 8PM. Watch it on ESPN3

Sunset Park Mega Development

Brooklyn Paper excerpt -

A consortium of investors aims to build a shopping mall, a hotel, two residential towers, and an office building on the corner of Eighth Avenue and 62nd Street. At a Nov. 5 meeting of the local community board’s land use committee, the project’s architect, Raymond Chan, said his clients are willing to set aside space for a public school. Board members said the additional desks would be a boon for the crowded school district.

“We’ve been looking for school sites desperately,” said education committee chairman Bob Hudock. “They are very needed, especially in that neighborhood.”

Crains - Move over, Paris. There's a new city that other locales aspire to be.

Excerpts -

For more than a century, cities around the world have compared themselves to Paris. Many claim to be the Paris of the East: Bucharest, Prague, Istanbul, Beirut and Shanghai to name a few. There's also the Paris of North America (Montreal), the Paris of South America (Buenos Aires) and the Paris of the Plains—Kansas City in the Jazz Age.

But now the wannabe city is Brooklyn. Every neighborhood with a critical mass of bearded hipsters, bike shops and vegan cafes calls itself "the new Brooklyn." Ballard is the Brooklyn of Seattle. Glasgow and Melbourne both claim Brooklyn cool. And Oakland, Calif., has been called the Brooklyn of San Francisco so many times that Julia Cosgrove, editor of AFAR travel magazine, says she "can't bear to read another story about it."

There's even a Brooklyn of Paris: the once-gritty suburb of Pantin. Its derelict, graffiti-covered warehouses have been taken over by galleries and artists, turning it into the hippest place in the City of Light. Just like in Brooklyn, real estate prices have shot up, and old industrial buildings now house luxury lofts.

"It may have a way to go before it's on a par with Brooklyn, but I expect it will continue to develop, considering how much investment and risk-taking is going on there—alongside the natural flux of artists toward the area," said artist Oliver Beer, who works both with a gallery in Pantin and with the Museum of Modern Art's contemporary arts outpost, PS1, in New York City.

Other signs of what's called the "Brooklynization of Paris" include gluten-free restaurants and juice bars popping up. "It used to be when young chefs studied under the great chefs, they wanted to open important restaurants or go to the countryside and get their Michelin star. Now they're rejecting that model, they're saying, 'I'm going to do more back-to-the-roots, farm-to-table cooking in a small restaurant with a few tables,'" said a spokeswoman for Atout France USA, the French tourism agency in New York, describing a shift that some observers compare to Brooklyn's culinary scene.

Tourism folks in Asheville, N.C., say their city was once called the Paris of the South, but now they compare it to Brooklyn, thanks to artisanal food, indie entrepreneurs and a thriving music and arts scene. An emerging arts and entertainment district in Miami that will link to areas like Wynwood, known for street art, is said by promoters to be "like Brooklyn in its nascent days"—an interesting thought, since Brooklyn was settled by the Dutch in the 1600s. And San Diego's South Park-North Park neighborhood is called SoNo, but it would be a no-no to compare it to Soho. Instead it claims a mix of Brooklyn and Southern California vibes.

"We've become the epicenter of cool as cool is now defined," said Marty Markowitz, 69, who was born and raised in Brooklyn in an era when it was better-known for ethnic enclaves, working-class culture and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Mr. Markowitz, who served as Brooklyn borough president for 12 years and now works for NYC & Company, the city's tourism agency, promoting all the boroughs, added: "There is no question that Brooklyn now serves as an example for other urban centers of how a community can transform itself into a hotbed of style."

Looks like we may finally see some movement on the Amphitheater development

 A court decision on the Boardwalk Garden lawsuit December 15th possibly? Get that Amphitheater built!

Got this from Twitter -

Coney Island Boardwalk Garden is still ALIVE! Pack the court DEC. 15. Details soon:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Coney Boardwalk permitting could be privatized

Brooklyn Paper excerpts -

The city may be about to cede control of the Coney Island Boardwalk to a private group.

The parks department, which controls the neighborhood’s iconic Riegelmann Boardwalk, is drawing up plans that would let an outside group take over all event permitting — and possibly more — for the 91-year-old public space, according to sources. 

One Alliance member said the group is in talks with the city.

“The Alliance for Coney Island has been in negotiations with the parks department,” said Dick Zigun, Coney Island’s unofficial mayor and the director of the arts organization Coney Island USA.

Zigun’s Mermaid Day Parade is by far the Boardwalk’s biggest event, but he said Coney Island USA won’t enter a bid and will instead support the Alliance’s application.

The Alliance did not confirm that it was talking with the city, but its director said the group’s primary goal is making Coney Island fun for everyone.

“We are first and foremost dedicated to helping Coney Island, whether it’s with supplementary sanitation or public Boardwalk programming like the Free Friday Night Fireworks,” said Alliance executive director Johanna Zaki. “The Alliance for Coney Island looks forward to continuing our work in partnership with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation across multiple initiatives for the lasting growth and benefit of the area.”

The city ceding permitting rights alone to an outside group would be precedent-setting.

Trump going upscale

This will likely be a big first step towards bringing big retail and residential to Coney Island, but I reiterate only a first step. Because this type of development has to come to Surf Avenue as well, across from the ballpark. Hopefully Trump Shopping's new development is the trigger to get this going.

Bay News excerpt -

The plans for the redevelopment of Trump Village Shopping Center are finally becoming clearer, but residents still don’t like the picture.

A source close to the developer said plans for the site — which have still not yet been filed with the city — envision a new, “upscale” shopping center on the ground floor of the proposed 40-story residential tower, and residents are worried the change will strip the strip mall of establishments they rely on, such doctors’ offices and pharmacies. 

The source said plans for the new shopping center do include at least one pharmacy and doctor’s office, along with a mix of retailers and restaurants.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bright 'N Green building unveiled

Treehugger excerpt -

A ribbon cutting ceremony for a green apartment building was held today in Brighton Beach, on the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated this neighborhood in southern Brooklyn. The date is a symbolic reminder of the importance of building in a way that contributes minimally to climate change and that is resilient in the face of extreme weather events.

Architect Robert Scarano said the building project, called Bright ’N Green, was under construction when the storm hit, but didn’t suffer serious damage. In fact, he said the net-zero building was able to provide power to its neighbors, who ran extension cords to their homes. 

Daily News excerpt from March -

Manhattan Beach home sells for $7.75 million

This is directly across the street from Sheepshead Bay

NY Observer excerpt -

But the lucky folks behind 340 Shore Boulevard LLC have lately come away with must surely be someone‘s idea of a grand prize, an 11,000 square-foot home at 2 Dover Street that went up in 2004, which they acquired for $7.75 million, according to city records. (The sellers, Desmond Realty Incorporated were also apparently once quite enamored with the place, paying $5.76 million for it in 2007.)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

FXFL Championship Game Likely to be in Brooklyn

The Omaha Mammoths and Brooklyn Bolts won’t play next Wednesday night at TD Ameritrade Park, but instead meet in an FXFL “championship game” at a date and site yet to be determined.

FXFL Commissioner Brian Woods said Friday the league was looking at a couple different options, including the week of Thanksgiving, and a game “likely in the New York market.”

“We’re talking to television partners and commercial partners, and looking to really put an exclamation point on this first season,” Woods told The World-Herald.

Brooklyn Wins, Brooklyn Wins!

Brooklyn Nets beat the "Manhattan Knicks"!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Tonight in Brooklyn

Bolts Blacktips at MCU Park......Nets Knicks at Barclays Center!

Doesn't get any better than this folks! Go Brooklyn!

Residential/ retail combo development at Trump Shopping Center

Hopefully this huge development spurs a similar scenario on Surf Avenue across from the ballpark.

Bay News excerpt -

A source close to the developer, real estate mogul Rubin Schron, said the tentative plans for the tower include a shopping center on the ground floor of the building, with stores similar to the existing shops — though he did not say how many of the existing stores would be returning to the new complex. He also said there are provisional plans to put some stores and the post office in mobile trailers while the area is under construction.

Huffington Post - "A New New York Aquarium"

Excerpt -

When we fully reopen in 2016 we will be much more than a new building and a cleaned up campus. The new aquarium will be the home of the WCS New York Seascape program -- our research and conservation program focusing on our rivers, harbor, and ocean from Cape May, New Jersey to Montauk, Long Island. 

Our visitors will experience firsthand the marine conservation challenges facing New York waters. For the first time, they'll get a window into the ocean wilderness that surrounds this city of islands. They'll understand the issues that face us as a coastal city in an era of rising seas and extreme weather, and how the aquarium is working with partners on every front to help build the economic, cultural, and ecological resilience this city needs in order to thrive.
2014-11-04-JulieLarsenMaher_1894_EducatorandChildwithEducationAnimals_AQ_041411.jpg The new New York Aquarium hopes to become an even greater wellspring to an interest, a passion, an education, a career. Photo: Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS.
Visitors will follow the journey of sharks tagged by our scientists in the Great South Bay as they migrate down the coast into the waters of Delaware, the Carolinas and Florida. New Yorkers will join in our work through citizen science programs that will begin to unravel the population dynamics of skates and rays in our waters.

Guests will be introduced to the Hudson Canyon, an offshore submarine formation the size of the Grand Canyon, whose walls rise three-quarters of a mile from the ocean floor. There we hope to help create a National Marine Sanctuary that will protect deep sea corals and the unique ecosystems found in this marvelous place.

2014-11-04-beachfrontrendering.jpg The renovated aquarium will be ocean-facing, inviting Coney Island visitors to step in off the boardwalk and learn more about their marine environment. Graphic: The Portico Group ©WCS.

A visit to the new New York Aquarium will become the inspiring start to an interest, a passion, an education, a career. Our economic contribution to one of New York's most underserved communities through jobs and expenditures will be stronger than ever.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Update on City Point Construction

Excerpt from NYYimby -

Today’s construction site is actually just the second phase of the enormous mixed-use project, though it appears to be the largest. The first phase was a relatively small retail building on Fulton Mall, across from the Dime Savings Bank building. Known as One DeKalb, the building is now open, with Armani Exchange as the tenant.

This phase will be dominated by retail at the base (which fronts primarily on city straights, rather than internal mall-like circulation), topped by two residential towers (one with 250 units, half of which will be affordable, and the other with 440 market-rate apartments).
The third phase is more tentative, but it’s planned to include 600,000 square feet of residential and – the tricker part – office space.

But once the second phase is complete, City Point will have 700,000 square feet of retail space – equivalent to about two Time Warner Centers. So far, among big national brands, Century 21 and Target have signed on, the latter with its slimmed down urban CityTarget brand. The expanding Austin-based movie theater chain, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, is also taking space at City Point.