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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Research on the Trump Shopping Center zoning in Coney

I read this in a reader comment in the Bay News a couple of weeks ago -

This developer has something called “as of right,” which means he can come in without prior notice and close everything down and start building. Because of this, most of the community does not even know this is happening.

So I did some research on the city zoning site Zola

For the Trump Shopping Center I found R6 zoning with a C1-2 commercial overlay.


Zoning Information:


Commercial Overlay: C1-2

Special Purpose District:
Special Ocean Parkway District

Zoning Map:

Historical Zoning Maps:

R6 is the exact same zoning the Bath Beach property has that is already slated for a condo tower. So it is quite possible the developer in Coney Island already has the zoning for the residential tower with retail attached. No rezoning may be necessary. It could be as of right. We shall see. I could be wrong, but from the zoning info I see this may be a fairly fast build with no rezoning process. No real detailed info from the development has come out yet, so we really don't know for sure.

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