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Friday, October 31, 2014

Bay News - Trump tower talk true: Source saw rendering

Excerpts -

The rumors that Trump Village Shopping Center will be demolished to make way for a massive residential tower were finally confirmed this week by a source who has seen a rendering of the development.

“There are definitely plans — there’s no question about that,” said the source, who said he saw the plans last month and asked to remain anonymous because he is not authorized to discuss the development. “I’ve seen a drawing — a rendering. It is a tall, sleek high-rise. From looking at the picture, it is over 40 stories.”

The owner of the Sheepshead Bay site, real estate mogul Rubin Schron, has not yet filed paperwork with the city about redeveloping the property, but there is no requirement for him to submit any plans to the community for approval — even for a 40-story building — before starting work. The tower can be built as-of-right, because the area is residentially zoned with a commercial overlay for businesses.

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