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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Coney Island shopkeepers are cheering a new developmental football league coming to MCU Park

Daily News excerpts- 

Brooklyn Cyclones' season end gives way to new developmental football league coming to MCU Park

The Brooklyn Bolts will play three homes games at the 7,500-seat beachfront stadium as part of the FXFL developmental league’s inaugural season, which starts Oct. 15.

“We really hope it will help us through the winter,” said Rushana Shlemin, 29, who manages Grimaldi’s Coney Island pizzeria, located near the stadium.

The only other major attraction for the area in the winter is the Polar Bear Club ocean swim on Jan. 1, she added.

League officials also hope the games attract visitors to the People’s Playground during a time when street traffic is almost nonexistent.

“It’s going to generate a very positive economic impact for that Brooklyn area,” FXFL commissioner Brian Woods said.

The other two home games are set for Friday nights on Oct. 24 and Nov. 7 as to not interfere with the NFL or college football.

The league includes three other cities: Boston, Miami and Omaha. The teams are currently being put together largely from the pool of 400 to 500 NFL players who were just cut.

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