The New Coney Island - Brooklyn's Times Square by the Sea

Thursday, August 7, 2014

AMNY - Q&A with Anthony Russo - Gargiulo's owner

Excerpt -

What are some changes you’ve seen in Coney Island?
It’s friendlier now. There are more bars and restaurants and there’s new rides and more rides for children. It’s getting newer and bringing more people down here. The past wasn’t working. There’s also an overflow of Russian people, coming from Brighton Beach, it used to be Italian when I was younger so the culture is changing.

What could be better about the neighborhood?

It could use a nice hotel. Right now I don’t think it’s a concrete destination. It’s good for a day trip but you could also spend one day on the beach and another day on the rides. If they put a Comfort Inn or something here, it wouldn’t hurt. If you can put a Comfort Inn in Sheepshead Bay you can put one here. Something like that would be a positive thing.

Do you have any outstanding memories growing up here?

I remember the wax museum on the corner of 15th [Street] and Surf [Avenue] and the wax fortune teller lady there that was always laughing, she would always creep me out. I remember the old lady who lived under the old wooden Thunderbolt, she had full house there. It’s day and night from the ’70s and ’80s to today.

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