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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Marty Markowitz - Ambassador for NYC

Daily News excerpt -

Two Brooklyn pols are pushing Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio to name the boisterous outgoing Brooklyn borough president, famous for aggressively boosting the borough with pun-filled schticks, as “Ambassador for NYC,” a job that would be renamed from the existing position of commissioner of the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs.

“It would be a great loss to the City of New York — specifically the borough of Brooklyn which loves Marty Markowitz — to lose his influence and expertise in the city sector,” said Public Advocate-elect Letitia James, who proposed the idea along with Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn).

“It would be fitting for him to represent the City of New York as Ambassador,” said James.
Markowitz sounded open to the idea.

“It is flattering that two of my colleagues in government would think of me in such esteem. I look forward to whatever role I may take in continuing to serve to my borough and my city in the next chapter of my life,” he said.

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