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Friday, November 15, 2013

Brooklyn Paper interviews Eric Adams

Excerpt -

BE: Some of Marty’s moves were extremely controversial. Are there any issues or projects you think are so important to the future of Brooklyn that you’d be prepared to push against popular opinion?
EA: I want my son to be able to afford to live in Brooklyn, and that means more development and more high-rises, which may not always be popular. We just don’t have enough land, so we have to build upwards.
Some people say that’s just developers being greedy, but it’s not. If we can designate areas and bring in development with tax breaks — high-rises, new businesses, new middle-class families to live and work there — we can transform neighborhoods and lives.
But we do have to reexamine what we mean by affordability. I agree with Bill DeBlasio that the 80-20 model for affordable housing is no longer acceptable, and we need to move to a 60-40 formula.

BE: Will you have Marty on speed-dial?
EA: We had lunch a few days a go and asked if I could reach out to him to help navigate the challenges of Borough Hall, and I’m grateful he’s okay with that. I don’t want to try and reinvent the wheel — I want to speak to the inventor.

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