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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alliance for Coney Island keeps growing

Brooklyn Daily excerpt

Coney Island’s newest institution has started a new tradition.

The Alliance for Coney Island business group — founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy — celebrated its one-year anniversary with a luncheon at Tom’s on the Boardwalk.

The celebratory meal drew more than 100 guests from the nearly 100 commercial interests belonging to the Alliance, which started with the owners of Denos Wonder Wheel Park, Gargiulo’s Restaurant, the New York Aquarium, the Brooklyn Cyclones, Luna Park, and Nathan’s. On the table were plans to enlarge the group by inviting more People’s Playground enterprises to join the coalition.

“We’re moving toward 100 members, and we would love to see that number multiply two or three times before the season begins,” said spokesman Ken Hochman. He added that any business or community group in Coney Island is welcome to join for the fee of $500 or $250, respectively.

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