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Thursday, September 19, 2013

iStar Financial comments on Coney Amphitheater and Coney development

Brooklyn Daily excerpt -

“We see this as an economic jumpstart to development,” said iStar attorney Howard Weiss.
Weiss noted that iStar — which will lease the amphitheater from the city and operate it at a profit until 2025 — owns 70 percent of the developable land nearby. The zoning laws the city passed in 2009 allow for those mostly vacant properties to become condos and residential towers.

Markowitz’s proposal will also convert the now-empty lots on either side of W. 22nd Street into a public greenspace with lush lawns, winding paths, gardens, playground equipment, privately run concessions, and seating areas. 

The Zoning and Land Use committee of Coney Island’s Community Board 13 has asked the city to study the amphitheater’s potential impact on parking, and to investigate the possibility of a shuttle bus to the new facility. The neighborhood panel also asked for iStar to hire Coney residents to help build and run the concert space and restaurant.

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