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Saturday, September 14, 2013

De Blasio's development viewpoint

My opinion is we are basically looking at the best mayoral candidate NY has seen in decades.

New Yorker excerpt -

A hint of de Blasio’s pro-business stance can be found in a telling speech on economic development that he gave in late July at New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service. In the fifty-minute address, de Blasio presented his four-point plan to spur job growth and increase the city’s affordable-housing stock. His first bullet point: maximizing development.

He referred to the Gowanus Canal project with Toll Brothers and two other controversial construction projects in Brooklyn he supported, at Atlantic Yards and Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

In 2006, he backed the massive Atlantic Yards project, which used eminent domain to build the nineteen-thousand-seat Barclays Center in Prospect Heights. The developer, Bruce Ratner, promised affordable housing but has yet to build it. At Brooklyn Bridge Park, he pushed for luxury housing, despite objections from neighborhood advocacy groups that said the condos would create an affluent and insulated community in one of the Brooklyn waterfront’s prime public spaces.

“We can’t afford a process rife with delays, subject to knee-jerk NIMBYism and tangled in bureaucracy,” de Blasio told the students, sounding not all that different from the man he was trying to replace.

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