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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Year round Coney

Salon excerpts -

Land values in Coney Island skyrocketed when the administration made rezoning a priority. Franchises like Applebee’s and It’Sugar have since arrived. A new theme park, built by Zamperla, which also makes rides for Six Flags and Disney, was constructed in 100 days and has entertained hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers. There’s Starbucks coffee available, and salads.

Chuck Reichenthal, the manager of Brooklyn Community District 13, which includes Coney Island, stressed the importance of year-round jobs. He was no fan of Sitt’s proposal, but, he said, the rezoning was one of the best things to happen there. “There’s no reason why we can’t figure out things to do during the whole year,” he said. With indoor restaurants finally permitted inside the former C7 zoning, he imagines a future of year-round tourism, bolstered by the Abe Stark Ice Rink and hopefully, one day, the rehabilitation of the grand Shore Theater, which closed in 1973.

He touted the number of year-round jobs already created at places like Grimaldi’s Pizza, the Brooklyn stalwart that opened another branch on Surf Avenue. Tom’s Restaurant, an offshoot of the famous Prospect Heights Diner, opened last summer on the boardwalk and has plans to stay open all winter.

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