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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brooklyn Eagle - De Blasio calls for Coney Island jobs plan

Excerpts -

The best recovery plan for Sandy-torn Coney Island would be a jobs program, according to mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio. “Recovery funds should be used to address inequities. Sandy hit some of our struggling neighborhoods,” he told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

 After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Coney Island is making a comeback with new shops and restaurants opening in the summertime playground, but things could be a lot better for the residents of that community, de Blasio said. “The minute you get away from the boardwalk, you see how different things are,” he said.

Apartment buildings in Coney Island operating under the jurisdiction of the city’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development were particularly hit hard, he said. He criticized the Bloomberg Administration’s handling of the recovery effort, particularly its mold removal. “It’s a health crisis. The administration had a cursory approach,” he said.

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