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Monday, August 12, 2013

Brooklyn Beach Replenishment

Brooklyn Daily excerpt-

The Army is going to be storming the beaches of Southern Brooklyn.

That is, the Army Corps of Engineers will rebuilding the coastline of Brighton Beach and Coney Island with $7.2-million worth of brand new, tax-payer-funded sand to replace the beaches washed away by superstorm Sandy.

Beginning sometime around Labor Day, contractors will start dredging up sand from the bottom of Rockaway Inlet and dumping it along Brooklyn’s southernmost coast.

The project is designed to protect residents and businesses in Coney Island and Brighton Beach — as well as vital infrastructure like the Belt Parkway — from the ravages of future storms and tidal surges, but not even the Army can prevent Brooklynites from using the expanded beachfront for a little Summer fun, said Corps spokesman Chris Gardener.

“The purpose of the project is costal-storm risk reduction, although it obviously has a considerable recreational value,” he said.

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