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Monday, June 11, 2012

Marty's Coney Casino editorial in the Daily News

Excerpt -

Be Our Guest: Coney Island offers beaches, amusements, Boardwalk, concessions; a casino would be a good fit

When the 2013 class of the New York State Legislature takes office in January, one of the many potential agenda items in the session will be whether to give the required second legislative approval of a bill authorizing up to seven non-Indian casinos in the state.

If that happens, a public referendum would have to be placed on the November ballot and approved by voters. There is a long way to go in the process and even recent polls show New Yorkers fluctuating on their support for casinos this early in the game. But it’s not too soon to consider ideal locations for one or more casinos in New York City, and Coney Island — a.k.a “America‘s Playground” — fits the bill in every way imaginable.

The most successful urban casinos are those that are part of a broader entertainment experience, and Coney Island provides it all: world-class beaches, thrilling rides and amusements, a historic Boardwalk, the New York Aquarium, concessions, professional baseball and summer concerts. The area is well served by four subway lines and seven bus routes, providing gamblers with a host of transportation options, including tour buses which can handle a large number of patrons in a single vehicle.

Coney Island has some of the highest unemployment rates in New York City, and a casino would provide well-paying jobs to local residents who should certainly be given hiring priority as part of any agreement.
And then there are the ancillary economic benefits from casino patrons who would stroll the Boardwalk and frequent local businesses.

Let me be clear: this would not be another Atlantic City. Any casino — or casinos — would be incorporated as part of Coney Island’s already existing ambience, and would complement — not detract from — the character and characters that have made Coney Island unique. The addition of a casino would serve as a catalyst for further economic development and solidify Coney Island as the city’s premier year-round amusement and seaside entertainment destination. When you really get down to it, where else but Coney Island?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marty in preliminary talks on Coney Casino!

NY Daily News excerpt -

After Queens casino deal falls apart, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz renews push for gambling in Coney Island 

Beep says he's had preliminary talks with Cuomo administration officials

It could be time to roll the dice on Coney Island.

After the collapse of talks with gaming giant Genting to create a casino and convention center in Queens, Borough President Marty Markowitz is stepping up his bid to get a casino at the seaside amusement mecca.

“It would be a tremendous thing for the future of Coney Island, and it’s the right place to put it,” said Markowitz, adding he’s had preliminary conversations with Cuomo administration officials.
A constitutional amendment to legalize gambling in the state passed the legislature once, but still has to pass again and then be approved by the voters. Seven casinos would be authorized around the state, and their locations would be set after the amendment was finalized.
Gov. Cuomo had been in talks with Genting, which currently runs the racino at Aqueduct, to build a $4 billion complex with the nation’s largest convention center and a casino resort. The company wanted exclusive rights to run a casino in the city.

But Cuomo said Friday that those talks had broken down for now.

“I don’t want to start talking about or...making commitments about where a casino may be or may not be,” Cuomo said this week, adding consideration would not be limited to the sites of current racinos. “It should be an open competition.”

The Queens proposal had drawn skepticism from critics who thought the location was too far flung.
Backers say a Coney casino would be a better bet because there are already other attractions that make the area a destination.

“There’s a whole host of reasons to make it a hub as opposed to one stand alone casino that’s the only action in town, and that’s what Coney Island has over all these other locations,” said Markowitz,.

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