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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marty wants restaurant with BJ's Wholesale

Brooklyn Paper excerpt -

Marty wants a BJ’s — if he can get a meal with it.

Borough President Markowitz says that he’ll support Joe Sitt’s planned Gravesend big-box BJ’s Wholesale club if the Coney Island “developer” adds a popular chain restaurant to his waterfront plan.

“This is the perfect site to entice destination restaurants such as Legal Seafood and Grand Lux Cafe,” Markowitz wrote in a June 9 letter to Sitt.

Markowitz made the same request in his recommendations for Sitt’s proposed Shore Parkway shopping center, which he sent to the Department of City Planning as part of a process to determining if Sitt will get the zoning necessary to build the complex on Gravesend Bay.

Sitt has already inked a deal with BJ’s, and the city is currently reviewing his plan that would put retail space atop a four-football-field sized space harbor-front space off Bay 38th Street.

Many locals who are excited about the big-box say they’d be happy to dine with a view of the Narrows.

“There’s definitely a need for a restaurant in that space,” said Tom Paolillo. “And I’m a big fan of Legal Seafood so I’d be thrilled if that came in.”

And Sitt will consider giving a restaurant a space in his two-story Brooklyn Bay Center, a $150 million project that has room for three stores in addition to BJ’s.

“We take every recommendation from the Borough President seriously,” said his lawyer, Jesse Masyr.

You gotta hand it to Thor. They have been as aggressive in buying and getting zoning changed in South Brooklyn as Ratner has been in downtown Brooklyn. Really good for future development.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

NY Post - Marty Eyes Mayor Run!

Excerpt -

The king of Kings now has his eye on all five boroughs.

Marty Markowitz is “strongly considering” a run for mayor in 2013, sources close to the Brooklyn borough president told The Post.

“He’s very serious about it but will take the summer to think it over,” one source said.

With Rep. Anthony Weiner sexting himself out of New York’s mayoral race, political experts say the door is wide open for Markowitz to mount a successful campaign.

They say Markowitz’s enormous popularity in Brooklyn -- whose 2.6 million residents are the most of the city’s five boroughs --and among minority voters are good starting points.

Read more:

Can you imagine with Marty as the next Mayor, and Domenic as the next Borough President, what these two can continue to accomplish for both Coney Island and Downtown Brooklyn development? Go Marty!

Before Hotels and Before Retail Development

Coney has to have a year round boardwalk. We will find out out in November what exactly Zamperla has planned for that year round boardwalk. Remember this quote and video from Zamperla's president last year -

"We're going to try to bring businesses here that are going to be open year round," said Ferrari. "The main anchor that we are trying to feature is going to be a sit-down restaurant with an ocean view, open 365 days a year, able to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also a very large sports bar."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zamperla doing a terrific job

Was at Scream Zone this past weekend. I gotta say Zamperla has basically improved and sanitized the amusements in Coney. Everything is new modern and clean. The rides are top notch. They are doing a great job. I can't wait to see what they have planned for the year round boardwalk in November.

Remember, fireworks Friday and Saturday this weekend!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Brooklyn Paper excerpt -

Like Ringling Bros., Vidbel will have a variety of kitschy acts, including magicians, clowns and jugglers. Highlights include a bareback equestrian who somersaults from one horse to the next, and an archery expert who shoots an apple off his wife’s head.

Show times and prices have not been determined, but tickets will likely be around $10 — the cost of a Ringling Bros. ducat — according to Ashton-Vidbel. The tent will hold 600 people, far smaller than the 2,300-seat big top that Ringling Bros. brought to Coney.

Central Amusement International, the Italian-based outfit that also runs Scream Zone and Luna Park, operates Vidbel’s Coney Island site. The company is leasing seven acres from the city to fulfill Mayor Bloomberg’s long-term revitalization plan, and its deal with Vidbel is another step in transforming the once-neglected area into a year-round tourist destination.