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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The absolute best move to keep Coney moving in the right direction towards development

Brooklyn Paper excerpt -

Astroland owner: I’ll be back (maybe)!
By Gersh Kuntzman

The woman who kept Coney Island’s Astroland alive during the neighborhood’s long decline only to see it close down one season too soon says she wants back into the action.

Carol Albert, who sold her land to landowner Joe Sitt, who evicted her last year, says she will make a pitch to reopen the space-themed amusement park now that the city has bought her land back from Sitt.

“Of course I’ll make a proposal,” Albert told The Brooklyn Paper days after the city issued a call for bids last week to run an amusement park on an interim basis until the city can bring in a permanent theme park operator and, if it all goes to plan, transform Coney Island into a 24-7-365 resort, entertainment, retail, and games destination.

Albert said she still has all the rides — except for the water flume —
from the day Astroland closed for good last year after Sitt declined to offer her a third one-year lease extension. Such extensions were necessary because Albert sold her land to Sitt in 2006 for $30 million.

“I’d like to put a new amusement park there, with all the old rides and some new,” she said. “I’d bring in lots of new rides.”

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