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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ziggy made a brilliant move today

We didn't stay for the whole meeting but when they had the landowners up their testifying Ziggy basically stated to Domenic he is willing to work with Recchia in whatever way possible to see this rezoning move forward in a reasonable way and praised Recchia endlessly to the point of appointing him Congressman Recchia. It was a brilliant move and hopefully a move that will get Coney rezoned in a year round way where EVERYONE will be happy. Thor, Recchia, EDC, Amusement, and all of Coney - jobs and housing. Maybe people can all work on the same side now. I pray. I have my doubts but I hope!

Great Job! Ziggy acknowledged Recchia's power here and embraced it. I was totally impressed. Take care folks! Compromise may happen after all. Final Zoning by July 29th!

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