The New Coney Island - Brooklyn's Times Square by the Sea

Friday, July 31, 2009

Nadler's Press Release

“Today’s New York City Council vote for the Coney Island redevelopment plan is positive news for Coney Island’s future. While this plan may not be perfect, it represents a responsive and honest compromise, and a tremendous improvement over what currently exists in Coney Island. There is no doubt in my mind that, when fully realized, this plan will dramatically reinvigorate Coney Island. The plan proposes to simultaneously build a first-rate, year-round amusement district; to construct thousands of units of affordable and middle-income housing for locals; to attract new businesses and amenities for both residents and visitors; and, critically, to create valuable jobs, job-training and economic development for the community. Public funds will be dedicated not only to a new amusement park but also to improving Coney Island Hospital, repairing Luna Park’s crumbling façade, constructing a new gym at P.S. 188, rebuilding the long-suffering boardwalk, and other local infrastructure projects.

“Coney Island’s residents have waited patiently on the sidelines of economic progress for too long. This project clearly has the potential to help bring the community back into the mainstream of New York City’s largesse. Likewise, for decades, locals and tourists alike have been deprived of a substantial and viable amusement park, and this redevelopment plan promises to launch a new heyday for Coney Island as a famous entertainment destination. What’s more, a restored and vital amusement district will vindicate the dogged commitment and longevity of Coney Island surviving amusements – Deno’s Wonder Wheel, the Cyclone and Coney Island USA.

“I thank the Mayor and all of his hardworking staff who have spent so much time and energy creating this plan, listening to the community’s concerns, and making the best compromise possible. I congratulate Councilman Recchia for his leadership in fighting for a better plan and shepherding it through the City Council. And, I thank Joe Sitt for his investment in the neighborhood and for agreeing ultimately to do what is right for the future of Coney Island’s residents.”

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