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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crains Poll on Coney Development

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The city's ambitious urban renewal plan to build a 27-acre, year-round entertainment district in the historic core of down-at-the-heels Coney Island won an important approval this week. City hall's vision for the beachfront site competes with a private developer's plan that relies more on traditional retail, condominiums and hotels than amusements to pay for any Coney Island renewal.

Do you think Coney Island will reclaim its heyday?

Yes, but only the city's plan can succeed at reviving Coney Island.
51 votes (29%)

Yes, but the private developer knows better than the city what will work for Coney Island.
62 votes (36%)

No, because Coney Island is a relic. Both public and private plans to revive it are economically unfeasible.
60 votes (35%)

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