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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coney Politicians Speak!

Fantastic Stuff concerning Parkland!

Bay News excerpts -

So far, no one in the legislature has moved to take up the cause, and the councilmember from Coney Island remains adamant that objections from neighborhood property owners must still be addressed before the plan can proceed.

“They [city officials] have to have parkland to put back in order for them to move forward,” City Councilmember Domenic Recchia told this newspaper. “If we were to do rezoning and pass it in the City Council and they never get ownership [of the land], we’ve wasted our time.”

AssemblymemberAlec Brook-Krasny, who represents the 46th Assembly District, said that he doesn’t think the city’s rezoning and redevelopment plan for Coney Island “is a good idea at this moment” because it appears to be a “patch” on “the bigger picture.”

City officials, meanwhile, maintain that without alienation of the KeySpan parking lot, Coney Island stands to lose over 1,000 units of housing and parking spaces and hundreds of permanent jobs, as well as almost 200,000 or more square feet of retail and residential services.

Recchia contends that the city has had ample opportunity to assemble its plan.

“They don’t have the property to put back,” he said. “They could have been doing this for a long time.”

Recchia says it is not his philosophy to pick and choose who should and shouldn’t build in Coney Island.

“Anyone that has the funding in place that can get something done, that’s who we should work with,” he said.

Joe Sitt Excerpt from the Brooklyn Paper -

His financial officer says he’s got the cash to build his proposed Xanadu of hotels, new rides and retail stores right now: “We have the capital and we have a team of experts,” said Gwen Lockhart.

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