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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Recchia and Coney will be at the meeting

Village Voice excerpt -

Recchia just happens to have issued a release promising to visit City Hall tomorrow morning with members of Coney Island for All to "demand the City include guarantees for good jobs and affordable housing in its plan to redevelop Coney Island" -- that is, reject a proposed plan that he thinks doesn't have enough of either -- in advance of a Land Use Committee Hearing at 10 a.m. Representatives of unions and ACORN will go with him.

Go Coney!!!!!

Examiner - A piece of Michael Jackson will live on at Coney Island

Excerpt -

A piece of the infamous Neverland Ranch now resides in Brooklyn for children of all ages to enjoy! The "Dragon Wagon Kiddie Coaster" was purchased by Earl "Butch" Butler, CEO of Butler Amusements, last year along with three other rides from Michael Jackson's former compound in California.

Butler is old friends with Joe Sitt, who runs "Dreamland Park" on the former Astroland site at Coney Island. And when told that the Brooklyn beachside getaway was in desperate need of new rides Butler sent out the Dragon Wagon.

No word yet on whether the ride will feature a tribute to Michael Jackson, but I sure hope so!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crains talks Joe Sitt


“It's my passion to make Coney Island better,” says the suddenly teary-eyed chief executive of Thor Equities. “It is the place where I played hooky and grew up. I want to give back to the neighborhood and to New York City.”

“He is a brilliant businessman,” says Terry Stanley, a real estate executive and member of the Coney Island Development Corp. “When he wants something, he gets it.”

“He has gotten a bad rap,” says Chris Havens, head of Brooklyn-based brokerage Creative Real Estate Group. “He wants to build.”

All is not lost. If Councilman Dominic Recchia, a childhood friend of Mr. Sitt's, voices objections to the city's plan, the rest of the council would probably go along and vote down the entire thing.

“I am an eternal optimist,” says Mr. Sitt, who claims that he will work with the city on Coney Island. “I want to make everyone happy.”

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Crain's - Labor Union pushing jobs in Coney

Now that it's gotten to the City Council the important issues are coming to the forefront -

Excerpts -

32BJ SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Hector Figueroa criticized the Economic Development Corp. this week for failing to adopt a policy that links wage standards to publicly financed projects.

The union has worked with other labor and community organizations to win wage standards for the Willets Point and Hunters Point redevelopment plans and for buildings getting 421-a tax abatements. Labor is currently pressing for guarantees that jobs in a redeveloped Coney Island will pay good wages.

But 32BJ wants to stop fighting piecemeal for such standards and is campaigning for a citywide agreement attaching wage stipulations to all publicly financed projects, including those that get stimulus funds. The union has rolled out a “New Deal for New Yorkers” platform and has asked candidates seeking its endorsement to commit to the program’s principles.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bay News - Rezoning Hearing July 1st

Excerpts -

With a number of serious questions still outstanding, the City Council has scheduled a July 1 public hearing on the comprehensive development and rezoning plan for Coney Island — a full vote on the fate of the proposal is expected to come as soon as mid−summer.

Those interested in weighing in on the plan, which calls for the construction of a 27−acre indoor and outdoor amusement park, hotels, 4,500 units of housing and new retail, should report to City Hall Chambers in advance of the 10 a.m. start to sign up for speaking time.

Last week, several groups hoping to squeeze more affordable housing, as well as guaranteed job opportunities out of the city’s proposal rallied at City Hall. Coney Island CLEAR, ACORN, New York Hotel Trades Council and Pratt Center for Community Development were among them.

“As residents of Coney Island, we want our children to be able to afford to live here in the future,” ACORN member Carmen Gonzalez said. “Any redevelopment must include a significant portion of affordable housing.”

Borough President Marty Markowitz has called for a 35 percent affordable housing model for some new development in Coney Island — but not on the bulk of the land where Taconic Investment Partners hopes to build much of the new housing units planned for the western end of the neighborhood.

“We’re really looking beyond Taconic on city−owned property to come up with the 35 percent affordable housing of mixed income,” Markowitz told this newspaper back in May.

Both the borough president and City Councilman Domenic Recchia support an “affordable housing umbrella” for Coney Island comprised of “mixed incomes.”

“To me, there has to be a mix of incomes,” Markowitz explained. “There’s not one group only that are hurting in terms of a lack of affordable housing.”

Coney Island CLEAR supports the use of an affordability model based on the average median income (AMI) of existing Coney Island residents.

“We need to specifically gear it toward the AMI of the community,” Gotlieb said. “I would hope that the City Council focuses on that.”

I would expect the real Coney Island community to show up again at this meeting to fight for year round jobs and affordable housing. Go Coney!!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reminder - Marty at CB13 meeting tonight

Marty is scheduled to speak about the Coney Amphitheater at the CB13 meeting tonight.

7PM - Coney Island Hospital Auditorium 2nd floor.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Parkland Deadline Has Arrived


Today is the State Legislature deadline for Coney Parkland. Obviously it's DOA. The Nimbys dropped the ball on this one and EVERYTHING hinges on it.

Next up - City Council. One more step!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video - Coney Island Rallies For Jobs and Affordable Housing

The real Coney Island steps up to the plate at the Planning Commission vote.

City Council Deadline - August 7th

We are getting oh so close to Coney Change!

City Council Review
Must be completed by August 7, 2009

Crains Poll on Coney Development

Results thus far

The city's ambitious urban renewal plan to build a 27-acre, year-round entertainment district in the historic core of down-at-the-heels Coney Island won an important approval this week. City hall's vision for the beachfront site competes with a private developer's plan that relies more on traditional retail, condominiums and hotels than amusements to pay for any Coney Island renewal.

Do you think Coney Island will reclaim its heyday?

Yes, but only the city's plan can succeed at reviving Coney Island.
51 votes (29%)

Yes, but the private developer knows better than the city what will work for Coney Island.
62 votes (36%)

No, because Coney Island is a relic. Both public and private plans to revive it are economically unfeasible.
60 votes (35%)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coney Politicians Speak!

Fantastic Stuff concerning Parkland!

Bay News excerpts -

So far, no one in the legislature has moved to take up the cause, and the councilmember from Coney Island remains adamant that objections from neighborhood property owners must still be addressed before the plan can proceed.

“They [city officials] have to have parkland to put back in order for them to move forward,” City Councilmember Domenic Recchia told this newspaper. “If we were to do rezoning and pass it in the City Council and they never get ownership [of the land], we’ve wasted our time.”

AssemblymemberAlec Brook-Krasny, who represents the 46th Assembly District, said that he doesn’t think the city’s rezoning and redevelopment plan for Coney Island “is a good idea at this moment” because it appears to be a “patch” on “the bigger picture.”

City officials, meanwhile, maintain that without alienation of the KeySpan parking lot, Coney Island stands to lose over 1,000 units of housing and parking spaces and hundreds of permanent jobs, as well as almost 200,000 or more square feet of retail and residential services.

Recchia contends that the city has had ample opportunity to assemble its plan.

“They don’t have the property to put back,” he said. “They could have been doing this for a long time.”

Recchia says it is not his philosophy to pick and choose who should and shouldn’t build in Coney Island.

“Anyone that has the funding in place that can get something done, that’s who we should work with,” he said.

Joe Sitt Excerpt from the Brooklyn Paper -

His financial officer says he’s got the cash to build his proposed Xanadu of hotels, new rides and retail stores right now: “We have the capital and we have a team of experts,” said Gwen Lockhart.

Bay News - Brighton Beach Downzone Defeated!

The community stepped up for big development and WON! Wow!

Excerpts -

Rezone Nixed in Brighton
By Michèle De MeglioFriday, June 19, 2009 12:54 AM EDT

Brighton Beach will not be downzoned.The Department of City Planning (DCP) has withdrawn its proposed rezoning plan after failing to reach a consensus with City Councilmember Mike Nelson, who had lobbied for less restrictive zoning laws in the bungalow district to ensure that property values remain high.

Without the passage of the rezoning plan, Brighton Beach’s existing zoning laws, which place no height limit on new buildings in most of the area, will remain. That means residents can still sell their properties to developers who pay big bucks to construct sky-high towers next to modest homes.“I believe that Councilman Nelson got what he wanted,” said Marion Cleaver, chair of Community Board 13.

Nelson said bungalow residents are “very happy” with City Planning’s decision because “no plan is better than a bad plan.”

A City Planning source told this paper that it’s unlikely that officials will again attempt to rezone Brighton Beach.

“I do not believe that City Planning will ever take another look at Brighton,” Cleaver said.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crains says City Council in July

Excerpt -

“We were disappointed, but not surprised with the vote,” said a spokeswoman for New York Jobs with Justice, adding that the coalition hopes more substantial changes will be included when the plan is reviewed by the City Council.

A City Council hearing on the Coney Island rezoning is scheduled for July 20 and a final vote is expected to take place nine days later.

Sitt talks to Brooklyn Paper


“The whole concept of the government taking over the site and building it … and then dealing with the state is mind-boggling,” Sitt told The Brooklyn Paper.

Now, Bloomberg’s legacy project heads for a final debate to the City Council, where its fate is uncertain.

The main sticking point is Sitt, who has rejected previous propositions to swap his real-estate portfolio, which includes the former Astroland site and many of the arcade businesses along the Boardwalk and Surf Avenue.

Our intent was always to develop,” Sitt said, perched in the Manhattan headquarters of his company, Thor Equities, as he displayed plans for a colorful patchwork of rides, hotels and retail. “Coney Island was left for dead before we got involved.”

Sitt and his team also attacked aspects of the mayor’s plan, saying that mandates for parking could lead to visitors having to park too far from the amusement area, roughly bounded by Surf Avenue, Stillwell Avenue, the Boardwalk and West 10th Street. Sitt also said that retail stores in that quarter should be bigger and faulted the city for proposing a street grid that would “bifurcate” the amusement area, including running a street through the existing Deno’s Wonder Wheel park.

Bloomberg has run into other obstacles, too. His plan requires state legislation to map the proposed amusement area as parkland, an alleged protection against future redevelopment proposals. But no one in Albany has been willing to sponsor the bill, at least not before the mayor and Sitt come to terms.

Sitt says Bloomberg has been his toughest foe: “We’ve assembled the land, which is usually the hardest [part], and we’ve gotten people motivated, excited and interested in Coney Island … and for six and a half years, we’ve hit a brick wall with the city.”

• He thinks Bloomberg will fail: “I’ve never seen government succeed as a developer anywhere in the world.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bloomberg's Press Release on today's approval


Expands Active Amusement District, Creates 4,500 Housing Units, New Retail, Hotels and 6,000 Permanent Jobs as Part of the Mayor’s Five Borough Economic Opportunity Plan

Plan Now Heads to City Council Following Approval of Local Community Board, Brooklyn Borough President, and City Planning Commission

“Our plan to revitalize Coney Island today enters the final step of the public approval process following approvals by the local Community Board, the Borough President and, today, the Planning Commission. This comprehensive revitalization plan ends decades of speculation and disinvestment and expands the active amusement district into a 27-acre 21st Century attraction. We cannot allow Coney Island’s decline to continue, and the opportunity to create 6,000 permanent jobs and 25,000 construction jobs in addition to 4,500 new housing units – 900 of them affordable to low and middle income families – cannot be passed up. Our plan will now be reviewed and considered by the City Council, and I am confident that they will finally put Coney Island on a path toward investment and growth, creating new jobs and neighborhood amenities for community residents and revitalizing America’s first playground.”

Observer on Today's Planning Commission Approval

Excerpt -

The plan itself has many hurdles—government funding, the need to attract major investment in an unproven area, a complex zoning scheme that envisions hotel development subsidizing expensive rides—but the most pressing now is Thor Equities, the firm led by landlord Joe Sitt that owns most of the land in the main amusement district. Mr. Sitt, who has previously had the support of Mr. Recchia, is in a standoff with the Bloomberg administration over his land, as the city wants to buy him out. At last check, the two parties were in the neighborhood of $30 to $60 million apart.

As the local council member, Mr. Recchia’s support for the plan is key, as the City Council generally gives heavy weight to the area’s representative on land use issues. While he’s been pushing for the city and Mr. Sitt to reach a deal—and many of his criticisms reflect Mr. Sitt’s concerns with how the plan would affect his property—it’s unclear what will ultimately happen if there is no deal.

There is a simple answer that's easy to see. No deal until after proper rezoning in August. Thor would be nuts to deal before rezoning happens. Keep your eye on Recchia, Savino, Kruger, and Brook Krasny. Parkland deadline is this coming Monday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finally a Real Protest

Brooklyn Eagle Excerpt

Labor Group To Protest Coney Plan
by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 06-16-2009

Planning Comm. Meets 10 a.m.

LOWER MANHATTAN — In conjunction with the City Planning Commission’s vote on the Coney Island Redevelopment Plan Wednesday, June 17, a community-labor coalition will be rallying for changes in the plan.

The coalition — which includes New York Jobs with Justice, ACORN, New York Hotel Trades Council, Pratt Center for Community Development, 32BJ SEIU, RWDSU and UFCW — will be protesting the plan’s shortage of affordable housing and its omission of wage and benefits standards for newly created jobs.

Coalition members who live and work in Coney Island will be holding signs reading “Coney Island Needs Good Jobs and Affordable Housing.” Following the vote, they will march outside the meeting to voice their concerns at a rally.

Monday, June 15, 2009

This is getting too funny LOL

Check out this pic and excerpt from Curbed Wire LOL!!!!!

CONEY ISLAND—Today, a group of mermaids, a guy with a guitar and a big rabbit headed to the City Planning Commission to protest the upcoming vote on the city's Coney Island rezoning plan. Really!

1 Week Until State Legislature Deadline on Parkland

Can you hear the crickets?

For the last 2 years this has all hinged on the Parkland issue. Keep your eye on Kruger, Savino, Brook Krasny and Recchia in the Coney Parkland battle.

1 more week!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Six Flags declares bankruptcy

NY Times excerpt -

Six Flags, the theme park operator, filed for bankruptcy early Saturday in Delaware after failing to reach an agreement with lenders to reorganize its debt.

Six Flags is the latest company to prove unable to cope with its debt load at a time when previous solutions like refinancing are largely unavailable. The theme park operator, which had $2.4 billion in debt, faced nearly $300 million in payments to preferred stockholders due in August.

In a statement, Six Flags said it was seeking court approval for a restructuring plan it had already negotiated, which has the unanimous approval of its lenders. That proposal would eliminate $1.8 billion in debt and slice off the $300 million in preferred stock payments.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brooklyn Paper comes out in favor of Nets arena

Brooklyn Development momentum continues to build!


Gehry or not, Brooklyn needs this arena
The Brooklyn Paper

Bruce Ratner’s bid to save his Atlantic Yards basketball arena by simplifying its design was predictable, but for our part, we’ll stick with consistency: Whatever serious reservations we’ve had about the larger Atlantic Yards project, the plan for the arena — though no longer the grandiose one envisioned by Frank Gehry — still merits support.

The arena remains what we have always said it is: a fundamentally vital civic project in the right place at the right time.

Now the timing better fortifies our long-held position. In the current economic climate, it would be foolhardy to walk away from both the economic development opportunity and heightened civic identity offered up by the arena and the Nets.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bay News - Marty talks Amphitheater

Excerpt -

With the lack of toilet facilities and overall poor state of the bandshell at Asser Levy Seaside Park, Borough President Marty Markowitz says “it’s a miracle” that any celebrities have agreed to perform at his annual summer concert series on Sea Breeze Avenue.

“When they wash their hands, there are no water facilities for them,” Markowitz recently told neighbors in Manhattan Beach. “There’s no bathroom for them. I have construction huts I rent but there’s no running water and there’s no bathroom facilities. They have to walk out of that and go into one of the temporary johns. I tell you, to see some of those stars having to use that, it makes it difficult to get them back.”

Markowitz is in the midst of an all−out effort to construct a new $64 million amphitheater that critics maintain will destroy their park and community, and toilets are one of the biggest reasons why the borough president says he’s doing it.

But he has others.

“There’s a bigger reason why I’m doing it,” Markowitz said. “I’m 64 years old now – I’m sure I’ll be around until I’m 104 – but the truth of the matter is there will come a time when I will not be able to do the shows anymore. There is no guarantee that anyone coming after me is going to do shows there. But If I build a world−class venue – a beautiful seasonal amphitheater – it will attract someone that will take that on and make it a center of music for all the years to come.”

Monster Truck email from Ringling

Monster Jam® Stars Grave Digger® and the Superman™ Monster Truck Headline Monster Truck Experience at Coney Island

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 12, 2009 (Aurora, IL) – As the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Circus settles ashore on Coney Island with The Coney Island BOOM A RING engagement, the 10,000 pound Grave Digger® monster truck and the high flying Superman™ monster truck will roar into town as an added value to the show’s opening, taking up residence inside the complex through Sunday, June 21.Ringling Bros.® ticketholders will have exclusive access to see, up close, the most famous monster trucks in the world! Fans of all ages will have the opportunity to receive autographs from Dennis Anderson, world renowned creator and driver of Grave Digger® and Chad Fortune, driver of the Superman™ monster truck.

As a feature for this first time event on Coney Island, a special appearance by Monster Jam’s Blue Thunder® will kick off the 2009 Mermaid Parade on Saturday, June 20. Spectators will be called to Surf Avenue by the sound of Blue Thunder’s Ford F-350 1500 horse powered engine, setting the tone for the most exciting parade of the season!

For a complete schedule of performances and more information on The Coney Island BOOM A RING, including ticket sales, visit, or call 1-800-745-3000. Group orders are available through "Group Sales Box Office" at 800-223-7565 or

Follow The Coney Island BOOM A RING on Facebook and on Twitter.

Access a comprehensive set of media materials at

NY Post - Joe Sitt wants to keep Astrotower

Coney Island's biggest landowner is intent on saving one of its icons -- the Astrotower.

Developer Joe Sitt yesterday said he "fell in love" with the popular, 275-foot-high attraction and its panoramic views of the seaside park, the boardwalk and the beach after obtaining it last year from the operators of the shuttered Astroland Park.

He said he wants to "highlight it" at Dreamland, a temporary amusement park he opened last month on the site.

"I love it, and I want to keep it," Sitt said. "I think the Astrotower is just as much an icon for Coney Island as the Parachute Jump."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raymour & Flanigan - Cropsey Avenue

They moved into the old Linens n Things space. Good to see it occupied so quickly.


Excerpt -

June 11, 2009

Coney Island's biggest landlord has a message for Mayor Bloomberg -- "I'm not going anywhere!"

Speaking about Coney Island publicly for the first time in two years, developer Joe Sitt told The Post yesterday that his 10½ acres of beachfront property is no longer for sale and that he, not the city, should be rebuilding the rundown seaside area.

"We don't want to sell, we want to build," Sitt said.

The city doesn't believe Sitt is qualified and wants to buy his land so it can smoothly move forward with a proposed 47-acre rezoning -- a legacy project for the mayor that would include a new 27-acre amusement and entertainment district.

Way to Go Joe!

Thor speaks to the Daily News

Excerpt -

Speaking publicly for the first time in more than two years, developer Joe Sitt bashed the city's plan for Coney Island, saying construction on it won't even start for more than a decade.

"According to their own mouths, they won't start development on this site for 10 to 15 years," said Sitt, president of Thor Equities. "So assuming the mayor doesn't overturn term limits six more times, we'll be dealing with three mayors from now that will inherit this property."

The feisty comments came at a Daily News Editorial Board meeting and nearly a year after Sitt first began negotiating to sell 10.5 acres of property that stand in the way of the city's vision for Coney Island.

With both parties at an impasse, Sitt yesterday suggested that all deals were off unless the city decides to pony up at least $165 million for the vaunted property.

"It's certainly not for sale at a price where we're going to lose a substantial amount of money," said Sitt. "For the city to think that, we've never understood it, and we have no interest in selling."

City officials yesterday said a longstanding offer of $105 million for the property remains final. City sources also insisted that construction on the site - once it is acquired - would begin as early as 2011, but could take a decade to complete.

Again, by June 22nd the Parkland proposal is DOA in the State Legislature and the City Council will decide REZONING in August. Thor has all the momentum in the world right now so he would be a fool to sell to the city before REZONING. The course seems very logical. Everything is decided this summer and the property value should be a lot higher after REZONING when Coney has a realistic, reasonable and workable year-round plan.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

YouTube - Nimbys demonstrate against City Plan

I got news for these people living in the past -

Not only will there be hotels south of Surf Ave with restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alleys and rock clubs; there will also be big retail and NO PARKLAND!

Just leave it to Domenic and Kruger and watch the City Council and State Legislature make Coney Change..........Finally!

Less than 2 weeks until Parkland is DOA.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Looks like City Planning votes Wednesday

From Pinsky's piece in the Daily News

Excerpt -

We will move another step closer when the City Planning Commission votes Wednesday. And, if approved, it will arrive at the City Council, where vigorous debate is expected on the merits of this plan, which is projected to create 25,000 construction and 6,000 permanent jobs, better retail opportunities and 4,500 new units of housing (almost 1,000 of which will be affordable to low- and moderate-income families), while simultaneously upgrading the 40-year-old infrastructure that hinders future growth.

Then the real fun starts! State Legislature and City Council. Everything is falling into position for Coney Change this summer. What a Summer! The 6 Years of back and forth is almost over! REZONING!

***Update - I am not certain on the Planning Commission voting date. From their website it looks like a public meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday June 17th, so the voting may be tomorrow or 1 week from tomorrow.

Monday, June 8, 2009


That's June 22nd- the last day this year the State Legislature can vote on the Coney Parkland issue.

Parkland will be DOA, and there is absolutely nothing the Nimbys can do about it...........


Bloomberg and Markowitz praise change to Atlantic Yards arena excerpt -

NEW YORK CITY-Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday endorsed Forest City Ratner Cos.’ decision to replace architect Frank Gehry on the basketball arena that is intended as the future home of the Nets and the centerpiece of FCRC’s Atlantic Yards project. During his weekly radio show, Bloomberg said that thanks to the lower cost of the Ellerbe Becket plan for the Barclays Center Coliseum, lining up financing for the Brooklyn mega-project would be possible. "It looks like it will go ahead, which is great," he said.

While acknowledging that the Gehry design is "spectacular," Bloomberg said that developer Bruce Ratner "came to the conclusion that in this day and age, you just cannot finance something as complex to build as that stadium. They decided to part company because Ratner couldn’t afford to build if the economics didn’t work in today’s market."

In a statement, Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz says Gehry, who reportedly is still master planner on Atlantic Yards, "has been absolutely central to creating the guiding vision for this project, and Ellerbe Becket is one of the best firms in the business. So we can be confident that the Nets and Brooklyn will indeed have a world-class, stunning arena here in Downtown Brooklyn and we will be bringing more affordable housing to those who so desperately need it."

Friday, June 5, 2009

NY Post - PETA against Circus

Excerpt -

Another animal-rights activist, director Darren Aronofsky ("The Wrestler"), is upset about elephants and other circus beasts.

Aronofsky wrote on behalf of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to Taconic Investments, chastising the firm for renting its Coney Island property free of charge to the Ringling Bros. Circus. He wrote, "It is regrettable that you chose to give Ringling . . . a free ride. I ask that you reconsider this . . . in order to reduce the suffering of elephants, tigers and other animals who will be housed on the property."

Messages to executives at Taconic were not returned.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Marty will be at the next CB13 meeting

It will be on June 24th. He will be addressing the issues on the Amphitheater. Go get em Marty. We love you!

Incidently that will be 2 days after the State Legislature ends its voting sessions for the year. That's June 22nd. So the Parkland issue that is holding up Coney change will most likely be DOA by then.

Savino and Brook-Krasny come out against the Parkland issue

Brooklyn Paper excerpt -

“Legislators have problems alienating someone’s private property rights,” state Sen. Diane Savino (D–Coney Island) told The Brooklyn Paper. “If we condemn it, we essentially render it worthless [to Sitt].”

Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny (D–Coney Island) opposed the bill, too.
“The city shouldn’t easily push property owners to the corner and do whatever they want to do,” he said.

Basically the Nimbys and anti development Blogs can do absolutely nothing about this. And the Summer has just begun. A lot more Coney Change ahead!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crains NY is on the Parkland issue as well

They haven't missed on one Coney article yet! Coney change moves forward!!!!!

Excerpt -

Coney Island politics

It has become clear that the state Legislature is not going to change the designation of parkland integral to the city’s Coney Island redevelopment plan until the city reaches an agreement with Thor Equities, which owns a large portion of the amusement area. City officials are irked that Thor is portraying that news as a win for the developer.

A source close to the mayor says it has long been clear that state Sen. Diane Savino and Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny won’t undermine Councilman Domenic Recchia by taking action in Albany before the City Council approves a Coney rezoning in October. (Recchia’s approval is crucial to its passage.) Thus, the city did not make a big push for the Legislature to pass a bill before it adjourns for the year in three weeks, the mayoral source says.

Had the state taken action, it would have undermined Thor’s negotiating position and, to some extent, Recchia’s. But the primary reason lawmakers chose to wait, Savino says, is that changing the designation of the land in the absence of a comprehensive deal could have stymied development on key sites for years. The risk is substantial, as Thor and the city are tens of millions of dollars apart on a price for the firm’s land, and bitterness has plagued their negotiations.

June has arrived!!! I can't wait until August!!!!! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kruger says Parkland issue is DOA!!!!!!

Before I could turn around and say I told you so....... LOL

NY Observer excerpt -

“The proposal is DOA,” Mr. Kruger said Tuesday. “They have no developer, they have no operator, they have no funding source, they’re short on affordable housing and they’re high on market housing.”

The amusement area at Coney is not his district—he represents neighboring districts, including Brighton Beach—but he is an unpredictable figure in an unpredictable chamber, and earlier this year he held up two major votes in the nascent Democratic majority.

Mr. Kruger also seemed less than impressed by the mayor’s efforts to buy out Mr. Sitt—officials have offered him $105 million, and are seeking land from other landowners—saying that the city should not be spending so much to “warehouse dirt.”


Yes we all know the City Council decides on the rezoning in August, but the last month the State Legislature can decide the parkland this year is................... YOU GUESSED IT- JUNE. The month has arrived.

Do I hear a Nimby talking about it? Nope! Do I read a newspaper talking about it. Nope! More importantly does anybody hear about the State Legislature voting yet? NO!!!! You can hear the crickets in Albany LOL. Thor gets this past June 30th and the parkland issue is as good as dead! And there isn't one thing the Nimbys can do about it! :)

Coney change moves forward!